• #019 – When Does Delegating Show A Return On Investment?

    Recently, I’ve had this question posed to me, “When should I expect to see the return on investment for delegating tasks?”

    Early on in any business, it’s hard to let go. More often than not, there’s a fear of not being able to afford help. Then when you decide to delegate that first task, you wonder how fast you’ll make your money back.

    Taking the first step in delegating is taking your first step in becoming a leader and moving your business toward growth. So, how should you view ROI when it comes to delegating?

    Time is an asset that once spent, you can’t make more of. You can’t hoard your time and use it just when you need it. It passes whether you like it or not.

    When you begin delegating, think about what time you’ll free up, and what you will do with that newly found time that will affect your bottom line.

    You should see the ROI on your financial statements, but first, you must see the return on your investment with your time spent doing other things to generate revenue. It’s up to you to delegate in a strategic manner.

    In today’s podcast, I go over how you see the return on your investment when delegating. I hope you enjoy the episode as I talk about examples of ways to delegate with a strategy in mind.

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