• #017 – How Making Waves Will Jumpstart Growth

    When a door closes a window opens. I think it’s important to realize that we should take control and purposefully close some doors once in a while allowing room for windows of opportunities to open.

    My past couple of weeks have certainly been full. My husband said that I had made some waves. What I actually did was set in motion some of the key action steps to make the changes I need to achieve my big goal for the year.

    Some of the changes that were needed weren’t easy, but they were necessary. You know the saying that you can’t expect different results if you continue to do the same thing. There’s certainly some truth to that, but you can’t realize results unless you have some consistency and processes in place. There comes a time that you must grow and implement a new norm and that involves making waves.

    In this episode, I explain what recent ripples I’ve made and how I felt I needed take action.

    Although change can sometimes be difficult, three great things come out of making waves.

    1. Allows you to think differently
    2. Realizing new possibilities
    3. Creates new routine

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