• #018 – How to Become Intentional With Your Time

    How To Become Intentional With Your Schedule

    Do you ever feel scattered and lost in your direction? Maybe you have too many things to do without enough time to do them. I think we all struggle with this. Even the most organized people struggle with time management from time to time.

    While you are in the midst of overwhelm, it’s easy to feel like you are all alone. With all the things piling up around you, all the pressure seems to be all on your shoulders, it’s hard to know where to get started. You feel paralyzed. We go through natural phases as we grow our businesses.

    The line between personal and professional time is often blurred. Whenever you are working hard to make a significant change in your business, you must be more intentional with your time.

    In today’s episode, I go over how important it is to use your schedule to move you forward to achieving big change. Being intentional with your time isn’t easy and can’t be done with the snap of a finger.

    Maintaining a schedule is not something that is set in stone. It takes work to be disciplined in always planning ahead. Planning ahead helps you prioritize and minimize distractions.

    I hope you enjoy the episode as I go over my personal experiences in becoming more diligent with my schedule to move forward with achieving the goals I’ve set for myself.

    Resources Mentioned:

    The Three Natural Phases of Successful Small Business Growth | Duct Tape Marketing | John Jantsch


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