About Gayla

IMG_5093 squareWelcome to Scrivener Solutions.  I’m so glad that you’ve found your way here for a visit.  Take a look around.  Feel free to contact me to see if delegating to a virtual assistant is right for you.

I am Gayla Scrivener, owner of Scrivener Solutions.  I love helping businesses reach their potential!

I have over 20 years of experience working for both large and small companies in managerial roles which have provided me with the training and experience needed to help you grow your business.

It’s funny how life takes its turns and twists. I started Scrivener Solutions to provide general administrative assistance to my clients. I love to work behind the scenes to relieve my clients from some stresses and take some duties off their plate. It’s a great feeling when they know the task will get done and they can concentrate on other things.

What I have found myself doing more and more of is WRITING. Sometimes I’d find myself writing up articles, letters, or emails. Other times, I would be busy formatting my clients’ written words into newsletters, emails, brochures, rack cards, etc. Other times, I would do both!

Early on in my business, I joined a professional networking group to build relationships. The founders approached me with taking on the project of doing their 12-page newsletter. They struggled with launching this project with ease and consistency. I jumped in with both feet! I’m proud to make things easier for the founders and help them promote the organization by providing quality content with a routine process. I make it easy for them by gathering and even writing some articles, designing, and doing what it takes to put it all together. All they do is review it before it is published.

This work led to being approached by David Sims, Business Coach in complimenting me on my work on the publication. He asked me if I’d help with more direct mail newsletters. I began to do a great deal of study on the benefits of newsletters.

Soon after, I started my “Growing Your Business” newsletter to provide small business owners with tips, tricks, and inspiration of running their small business. Oh, there’s fun stuff too!

I have learned that the consistency and content have made a significant difference in maintaining and building relationships with my subscribers. With this stronger relationship, I have received more referrals and have grown my business.

When I receive feedback about how people enjoy my newsletter and how it helps them, it feels good.

I then started my Weekly Breather email series. Every Wednesday morning, I send out a brief email so you can pause (“take a breather”) from your hectic schedule to reflect and recharge. It has little hints and inspiration to boost your momentum and get you through the week.

Each has strengthened my relationships that I’ve formed. I wanted to help my clients to the same.

The simplest definition of SCRIVENER is WRITER. So, I have embraced the meaning of my name and began to specialize.

I help my clients stay consistent with their messages. Some have no problem writing their content but need help keeping deadlines and/or formatting in their newsletters, emails, or blogs. Others need help with not only formatting but also writing.

I’m proud that Scrivener Solutions is growing our team to be able to help more growing business, like you!

I’d love to be your resource for growing your business.

I invite you to download your free copy of 5 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant. I’m here to keep you energized and help you to accomplish more.

Whether it is through my free content, consulting, or Scrivener Solutions packages, when you’re ready to delegate, I’d love to help.