Direct Mail Newsletters are one of the most effective ways to build your business. WHY?

  • Newsletters are perceived as a Publication….NOT ADVERTISING.
  • Your newsletter helps build your BRAND.
  • You Build Trust.
  • You Build Relationships.
  • Newsletters are perceived as a Publication making you an expert in your industry.
  • You Build Credibility
  • With your stories, you turn people from being a “customer” to belonging to a community.
  • Your newsletter has Pass Along Value.
  • Your Newsletter has longer shelf life than other media.  (TV and Radio are forgotten after they’re viewed or heard.)
  • You increase purchases because you’ve provided valuable information and your subscribers will buy or refer.

Newsletters are effective ONLY if done consistently and correctly!

Why doesn’t everyone do them?  Simple, they are the first thing that go by the wayside because there are “more pressing” issues to deal with. They take time and effort. It’s a daunting task to come up with content, then format, and then get it printed, processed and mailed.

Newsletters are the perfect task to delegate to keep you consistent and have a high level of quality.

Scrivener Solutions will help you get on track with positioning you as an expert in your field through direct mail newsletters catered for your business.

We make it easy for you! We work on the content creation, design and mailing of your publication. We build our relationship with you so that we are writing in “your voice” and your newsletters become an extension of your brand.

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