prilogo Jennifer Filla
CEO, Founder



mscollageGayla has been a life saver! She has helped me get out of my own way so I can accomplish my goals without fear and judgment. She has also handled technical things that I have no desire to learn!  Because you see, I would rather spend my time coaching and writing (doing what I love and find joy in) than figuring out the technical stuff that I don’t have time for. She has worked on several projects for me including web design, business card design, and project proposals, to name a few. These are things she loves to do and has such a talent for.

Melissa Swift
Life Design Coach
West Plains, MO

Knowing what tasks to delegate was my first hurdle.Squeegee Squad Square for FB Logo only When I started delegating tasks that were not my strong points and started focusing on sales and crew management, I saw results with my investment in Scrivener Solutions. I like that you can always be in contact via text, email or phone call and you will always get a response. Other benefits about the service is they are always nice to my customers and complete tasks in a timely manner. I highly recommend anyone to Scrivener Solutions that has paperwork piling up or a to-do list that is overwhelming.

Eric Summerville
Squeegee Squad
Springfield, MO

ARG-logoMoney and not being organized enough to delegate was my biggest obstacle that delayed my decision to invest in virtual assisting services. When I finally took the leap, I found that the more I grow, the more impossible it is for me to do everything. Not only does Gayla accomplish tasks for me, but she helps me figure out how to delegate more and better. What I like most about delegating to Scrivener Solution is watching everything move forward even when I’m not the one doing it!

Using Scrivener Solutions means all of those stray and repeating tasks that used to clog up my day are completed, leaving me to focus on clients, content, and strategy. I love that! I recommend working with Gayla because she is trustworthy, genuinely cares about your success, and performs her work well and reliably.

Jen Filla
Aspire Research Group
Seminole, FL

mob logo (RASTERIZED)Masterminds Of Biz, LLC has been using Scrivener Solutions owned by Gayla Scrivener for more than a year now and we have noticed an amazing difference.  We were hesitant to hire a business assistance/solutions company due to fear of cost, but we tried it anyway.  I am Glad we did!  What we considered to be an extra expense turned out to be a time saver that helped us earn more money.  We did not realize how bogged-down we were with necessary tedious tasks until we did not have to deal with them anymore.  Now our time is spent doing things that advance our business and strengthen our position as market leader in our field.

We highly recommend Gayla Scrivener and her company Scrivener Solutions.

Curt Gaddis
Masterminds Of Biz, LLC
Springfield, MO

A&D MARYS FAVORITEGayla came in after we had to terminate our secretary because we discovered that she wasn’t doing the things that she was supposed to do. Gayla, looked everything over and came up with the quickest but most efficient way to get everything back in order & keep things going till we found another secretary. This of course happened at the end of the year, so we also had to deal with all the things that an office has to do to transition from one year to the next. She, also did it, all the while keeping an eye on our budget, since we are a small business, we really appreciate that. Gayla has helped to train the new secretary and make sure she knew what had to be done.

Gayla in one word is AWESOME and I plan to have her continue to overlook the running of A & D Mechanical Services. She is creative and knowledgeable and if you need help in any aspect of running a business, you can’t go wrong by calling Gayla Scrivener of Scrivener Solutions.

Mary Bingaman
A&D Mechanical Services, LLC
Springfield, MO